Why join as a company?

Which companies can join?

Creativity Enthusiasts

Organizations that understand and value the vibrant, unbounded creativity that Zoomers bring.

Youthful at Heart

Companies that, regardless of age, embrace a youthful spirit and resonate with the energy and dynamism of Gen Z.

Flexible and Fluid

Organizations that appreciate the flexible, adaptive mindset of Zoomers, often unburdened by traditional constraints.

How it works

What happens when you want to hire a Zoomer? We have our own platform that helps you connect with them.


Simulate what it would cost you


Post a job!

The first step is a compagny posting a job on out platform


Zoomers get notified

10 of the most suited Zoomers will get a notification that there is a possible job posted that fits their skill package

A Zoomer accepts the job

One of our selected Zoomers will accept the job if it fits them


We send the briefing at least one day before the job


The Zoomer executes the job at home, at our office or at your company


You get the end result you asked for!

Get feedback

After delivery we love to here from you and if there are any changes you would like to see, we'll make it happen!

support 24/7

Still have some questions? Hope we can answer them here

About us

What is Zoomers and how can it benefit my company?

Zoomers is a platform that connects forward-thinking companies with young, dynamic creatives. By collaborating with our Zoomers, your company gains access to fresh perspectives, digital-native expertise, and innovative solutions tailored for the modern market.

How do I ensure the quality of work when hiring a Zoomer?

We pride ourselves on the quality and passion of our Zoomers. Each Zoomer undergoes a stringent selection process, ensuring you work with dedicated and talented young professionals. Moreover, our platform offers tools for clear communication and feedback, guaranteeing a smooth collaboration.

What kind of tasks or projects can Zoomers handle for my company?

Zoomers are versatile and equipped to manage a wide range of creative tasks, from graphic design, content creation, digital marketing strategies, to tech solutions and more. You define your project's requirements, and we'll match you with the best-suited Zoomer for the job.

Is the Zoomers platform secure and confidential?

Absolutely! We prioritize the security and confidentiality of all our partners. Any project details, company data, or intellectual property shared on the platform is protected by state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring your collaborations remain private.

How does the payment process work?

Zoomers operates on a credit system. Companies purchase credits, which can then be used to secure and compensate Zoomers for their services. Once you're matched with a Zoomer, you'll agree on project deliverables and the amount of credits required. After the successful completion of the project, the agreed-upon credits are deducted from your account and allocated to the Zoomer. This system ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient payment process for both parties.

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