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How it works

We use our own custom platform to match you with our best Gen-Z workers!

Post a job!

The first step is a compagny posting a job on out platform


Zoomers get notified

10 of the most suited Zoomers will get a notification that there is a possible job posted that fits their skill package


We brief the Zoomer so all info is clearly passed on


Now the job can be executed however it is preferred: at home, at our office or on location

Job is done

When our Zoomers finish a job the work is delivered to us. We check if it fits the briefing before its delivered

Get back to us

After delivery we see if there is any feedback from the client, if so we brief this to our Zoomer and they wil get back at it!

support 24/7

We believe in Gen Z.

Zoomers is a vibrant community where ambitious young creatives meet dynamic business needs. Here, innovation thrives, projects come to life, and fresh ideas pave the way for professional growth. Dive into a world where your skills shape the future.

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