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Hi, zoomer!

Dive into the vast array of technologies we utilize to deliver groundbreaking solutions and services.

Why join as a Zoomer

Zoomers is not just a platform; it's a launchpad for innovative minds to collaborate, grow, and make waves in the industry.

Expand your portfolio

Get real world experience

Flexible work hours

Flexible work location

Zoomers Academy

Money, or course

Who can join Zoomers?

You schould

be born between 1997 and 2012

be a creative

be able to work at least one day a week

be forgotten how to write with pen but can text at the speed of light

How it works

What happens once you are selected as Zoomer? We have our own platform that helps you manage and get jobs.

Post a job!

The first step is a compagny posting a job on out platform


Zoomers get notified

10 of the most suited Zoomers will get a notification that there is a possible job posted that fits their skill package

Accept the job

Be the first to accept and you will get the job


After you accept we will give you a briefing to be sure you understand the assignment


Now the job can be executed however it is preferred: at home, at our office or on location

Get Paid

Once you finish the job we pay you the amount that was discussed in advance

Get feedback

After delivery we see if there is any feedback from the client, if so we brief this to you and you'll be able to make the changes!

support 24/7

Left with some questions? Maybe we can help.


What exactly is Zoomers?

Zoomers is a Gen Z-first platform that matches young creatives with companies in need of innovative work. We handle all communication and administration, letting you focus on what you do best: being creative.

How do I become a Zoomer and join the platform?

It's simple! Head over to our "Apply to becoma a Zoomer” section and go through our easy application process. If you've got the creative flair we're looking for, you'll be on your way to becoming a Zoomer in no time.

Is there a fee to join Zoomers or any hidden charges?

We believe in fostering creativity without barriers. Joining Zoomers as a creative is absolutely free. If you get selected as a Zoomer, you’ll get a ton of advantages such as exclusive Zoomers events, drinks with the community, a full-packed Zoomers Academy and way more.

How do I get matched with companies or projects?

Our platform uses a state-of-the-art matching algorithm that pairs your skills, preferences, and expertise with the needs of companies looking for them. Once there's a match, we'll notify the ten best matching Zoomers and notify them! The first to opt-in will get the crazy project.

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